Locally Owned and Operated for Over 100 Years.

Martin Sathre

Founded in 1914, Sathre Title & Abstract, Inc., provides title insurance and real estate closing services for residential and commercial transactions throughout Beltrami, Clearwater, and Hubbard County.

Our History

In December of 1913 Arthur P. White, Clyde M. Bacon, and Francis S. Arnold began Bemidji Abstract Company & their office was located in the Beltrami County Court House.

In August 1914 E.M. Sathre began an abstract company using the name Sathre Abstract Company and its office was also located in the Beltrami County Court House. E.M. Sathre, a teacher by profession, became acquainted with abstracts in Warren, MN, where he was the Register of Deeds and an Abstracter.

In June 1917 Bemidji Abstract Company changed their corporate name to Beltrami Consolidated Abstract Company and merged with Sathre Abstract Company. The new company operated under the name Beltrami Consolidated Abstract Company. The officers at that time were E.M. Sathre and G.E. Sathre.

In 1938 the court house became crowded and the company moved to 323½ Minnesota Avenue.  The office was located in the basement under Security State Bank.

In 1941 the abstract office was moved again, this time to 102½ Third Street. The building was the former home of Blue Valley Creamery.

E.M. Sathre and G.E. Sathre sold the title plant to Martin R. Sathre and Dorothy D. Sathre in January of 1952 and the company, Martin R. Sathre, Abstracter, was formed. The office moved back to the court house and operated out of the County Recorder’s office.

Martin and Dorothy Sathre sold the business to Jim and Polly Smyithe in September 1998. Jim and Polly formed a new corporation, Sathre Title & Abstract, Inc. and in April 2002 moved the office to its current location at 315 5th Street NW.


I started out in this business in 1981 in Boulder, Colorado. I know the importance of the title search process and am proud of the work we do. Our office provides a thorough and accurate search of title records, resolves ownership issues, helps to protect neighbors from falling into disruptive disputes over their property rights and helps to collect for unpaid liens, judgments, and taxes. Our work helps to keep the housing market from being bogged down by inaccuracy, uncertainty, and fraud.

We want our customers to have a well-searched title policy because we know how disruptive a claim can be. We hope that our customers pay for a policy that they will never have to use.